War Prime: A Sci-Fi Miniatures Tabletop Game

Kingmaker Games is launching a new line of sci-fi miniatures for our War Prime universe.

The miniatures have been created to be used with our upcoming tabletop war game, War Prime.  But there is nothing stopping you from using these great miniatures for all 28-32mm war and skirmish games, as well as your favorite sci-fi RPG. If you are into the hobby of painting, the War Prime miniatures will make a great addition to your art shelf or work perfectly for the conversion project you are working on.

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About Kingmaker Games

Kingmaker Games is an independent game development studio focused on developing a new tabletop miniatures game. Our first line of miniatures are in the final stages of 3D design and the game rules will be released in a free to download PDF format very soon. Sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date on all the Kingmaker news and events!